Iranian artists to showcase handicrafts in Iraq

Iranian artists to showcase handicrafts in Iraq

Iranian artists will put handicrafts and souvenirs from a number of provinces on display at an exhibition to be held for the first time in Sulaymaniyah in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

Hamedan’s Souvenir
Hamedan’s Souvenir

According to the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department of Iran’s Kurdestan Province, the specialized exhibition will be held for ten days in Sulaymaniyah from December 26 to January 5, 2019, Mehr News Agency reported.

The exhibition will showcase Iranian handicrafts including carpets, rugs, chess boards, earthenware, marquetry, woodcarving, tilework, pottery, stonework, local clothes, silverware, traditional jewelry, knives, as well as souvenirs from Yazd, Isfahan, Hamedan, Orumieh, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Qom and East Azarbaijan.

Dozens of handicrafts from Iran have gained UNESCO Seal of Excellence in recent years.

According to UNESCO, the Seal of Excellence (known as SEAL) recognizes handicrafts products that are culturally authentic and have been manufactured in a socially-responsible manner with respect for the environment.

See this page: Hamedan’s Souvenir

Hamedan's souvenir
Hamedan’s souvenir


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