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Comprehensive Travel Guide to Hamedan |A Travel with the Virtual Guide of Irantrawell

The city of Hamedan was the first capital city of Iran after the Aryans moved to Iran and about 1000 years ago, Hegmatane, which used to be the name of Hamedan, was one of the most important cities in the world. The city of Hamedan is located in a mountainous region and in the range...
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Tabriz Famous Dishes

Famous Dishes of Tabriz | What to eat in Tabriz?

Different cities of Iran due to the fact that they have a close relationship with one another, transfer their cultures to one another. Among these transfers, the transfer of food culture has a high place. This is exactly why some cities have similar foods in common. Irantrawell is going to help you find the famous...
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restaurants of tabriz

Restaurants of Tabriz | Where to eat in Tabriz?

In the previous post we talked about famous dishes of Tabriz and now we want to know where and how are the restaurants of Tabriz and where you should find those dishes? Below we have provided you with a list of restaurants of Tabriz, how to access them and other information. Where to eat? There...
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El Goli in Tabriz

El Goli in Tabriz | Beauty and Nobility

El Goli is the name of a well-known and popular park in Tabriz which due to the beautiful nature, pleasant weather, being close to water, existence of old architecture, and also different entertaining services that are offered, is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Tabriz. El Goli is a complex...
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Koofteh Somagh

Kashan’s Koofteh Somagh | Kashan’s local cuisine

Koofteh is a popular Iranian dish. Its ingredients are minced meat, legume flour, onion, and somagh. Koofteh Somagh come with a sauce the both of which are then eaten with bread. The taste of Koofteh Somagh This dish is served in most restaurants in a sweet and sour form, and the customer needs to choose...
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