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Hamedan’s Souvenir

Hamedan’s Souvenir | What and And Where to Buy in Hamedan?

Hamedan’s souvenir is both delicious and beautiful! Whether you’re looking for edible souvenirs or handicrafts, you can buy great and desirable souvenirs. Handicrafts Pottery Pottery is the most important and perhaps the most beautiful souvenir of Hamedan. Hamedan and Laljin can be considered as the center of Iran’s pottery. Pottery and ceramic of Laljin is...
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travel guide

Comprehensive Travel Guide to Hamedan |A Travel with the Virtual Guide of Irantrawell

The city of Hamedan was the first capital city of Iran after the Aryans moved to Iran and about 1000 years ago, Hegmatane, which used to be the name of Hamedan, was one of the most important cities in the world. The city of Hamedan is located in a mountainous region and in the range...
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Kashan Souvenir

Kashan Souvenirs │ What to buy? Where to buy?

What is Kashan Souvenirs ? Do you know what to buy when you travel to Kashan? Irantrawell’s helping you to decide better. In each city, souvenirs are divided into Edible and Take-able categories: Edible Kashan souvenirs There are lots of delicious things in Kashan Souvenirs . We name all of them for you travelers. Baklava...
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kashan Bazaar

Kashan Bazaar │Bazaar of Amazing Saray

A lot has been said about the time of Kashan’s bazaar construction. Some believe that this bazaar was built at the time of Al-Boyeh (Beuye dynasty) and Seljuk and Over time, it was destroyed and restored by the Safavids. It is said that there was an earthquake that once again destroyed the bazaar. So during...
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The Coppersmiths Bazaar

The Coppersmiths Bazaar , The voice of the hands of love

The obvious thing is that the Coppersmith is a place where the artists hammering on copper to create an artwork. The Isfahan Coppersmiths Market is located in the western part of the Naghsh-e Jahan Square and is located in the north of Ali Qapu Palace, and was built during the Safavid era. Even if you...
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